About Us

Ola Shekhtman - designer of wearable cityscapes

During her life Ola traveled a lot and always wanted to keep her impressions from significant moments. When she was a kid, she wished to have a ring with buildings, wrapped around her finger but she has never find one.


When she finished jewelry school in Saint Petersburg, Russia and then 3D course in New York City, USA, first that she made was Paris ring for herself. It looked amazing! She was thrilled to make other meaningful for her cities - New York, London, Amsterdam.. She opened Etsy store in May 2015. In June she received her first order.


In October 15 she was promoted in Etsy newsletter, that days she received many requests on other cityscapes. She started to 'build' new and new cities. Her rings gain popularity after they were mentioned in famous websites as www.thisiscolossal.com (45k facebook likes) or www.boredpanda.com (79K views).


Over 6000 rings are already shipped to different corners of Earth. Daily Ola receives stories from her customers telling why they choose cityscape rings and how the rings help them to refresh touching moments of their life. Or how they amazed beloved with this special memento.


Built a properly working business with high quality product Ola keeps personal care about each of the customer. It is extremely important to her to have 100% satisfied clients. She is always in touch with You personally. If you have any question, issue or suggestion, reach Ola through any social media or email her directly at ola@shekhtwoman.com. Be sure, she won't leave you until you are completely happy with your purchase.

Wholesale and Drop Ship

If you are business and looking for unique product - email me for details at ola@shekhtwoman.com.