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Today is my Birthday...

Hello my Dear Customers and Friends,

Today is the best day to start my blog, because today is my birthday. In my passport it's July 9th, but I was born in Russia and currently live in USA. In Russia it's already 9th, I celebrate now.

So, I was born in the city called Novosibirsk - the largest city in Siberia - area in the middle of Russia. I graduated from the State University, worked as export/import specialist.

When I was 23 I felt in love in my future husband (today he's ex-husband), left my office work and followed him to Saint Petersburg, Russia. There I started  study goldsmith.

I learned how to melt metals, saw, solder and create rings. I was so into the process, I spent all my days in the jewelry school. I was moved by my dream from my childhood - I wished to have a ring with buildings. I haven't find such ring and Oh Wow! I finally made it by myself!

That days I didn't realize yet, that the dream, belonged to a little girl will turn to a business of my life. I couldn't imagine that I will sell more than 7000 rings all over the World. I didn't plan to have customers, subscribers, followers! Chat with them, be close, understand their wishes and needs. And I'm so happy to have them! To have You.

It was'n even a beginning. How I start making Cityscape Rings I will tell you in the next chapter......

Thanks for reading!
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Please make Munich!!!

Vicki A. Vogtman

Happy Birthday Ola ! Love your work !

Jane-Alexandra Krehbiel

Your work is amazing. I am waiting for a Seville Spain ring. I just saw that you made Madrid, so I am hopeful!

Rebekah Nebard

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